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41 Islington High Street. N1 9LH, London.

Welcome to Angel Smile Dental Care 
Great Smile is a major social asset.
We care for your healthy bite and beautiful smile!
"Love your smile"
Dr Amin Amenien Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Amin Amenien Cosmetic Dentist

Islington Dental practice (Since 1938) located in heart of Angel in Islington N1, modernized and re-established by Dentist Dr Amin Amenien.

We  are a team of highly qualified and skilled dentists in all aspects of preventive, general, specialist and cosmetic dentistry.  Together with our partner  Angel Orthodontics we proudly cover a broad range in our profession all under same roof. Our skills, experience and dedication to our profession together with implementing latest technologies in dentistry like digital radiography, LASER and CAD CAM systems also  new design of our practice  and our separate designated decontamination room allow us to deliver excellence and the most up dated  dental treatments available in a safe environment on a high level of standard.

Dentistry today is not only dental care in old fashioned clinical atmosphere which may be associated with some bad memories. At Angel Smile we believe in dentistry which is about overall health and wellness, beauty and lifestyle in a relaxed environment.

We Promote prevention of tooth and gum disease but if it comes to treatment, we believe in our values: Safety, Quality, Service and Guarantee.

We aim to form long-term professional relationships with our patients. To achieve this, we offer optional practice membership to our customers as Angel Smile Preventive Plan with the aim to be an office for Dental Care rather than just a Dental practice, caring for your healthy bite and beautiful smile,  Loving your teeth , Loving your smile......

Looking forward to see you all The team & Dr Amin Amenien DDS,BSc


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