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I've Been a patient at angel smiles for just over 3'years and what an experience we've all endured. It's Always a pleasure attending appointments know...

Nicholas Leighton


I had my top right wisdom tooth removed. I had really built up the procedure in my head as I have previously had wisdom teeth removed but only under g...

Elaine Tyler


I have TMD DISORDER which for any dentist it's hard to treat and I had previous problems with a number of dentist leaving me in pain. My first trip to...

Richard Bright


Literally scoured the local areas for somewhere that would do my Essix retainers after my originals cracked after a few months. SUCH AN EASY PROCESS. ...

Madihah J


I've been here on a number of occsasions now and find the whole experience very pleasant each time. Massive thanks to Dr Amini!...

Lauren Summers

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