Dental Implants

Implant Temporary

Following placing an implant it can be some months before the new tooth is fitted. A temporary denture can be made for cosmetic purposes within this time however the impact of opposit jaw by biting can disturb the implant and affect the healing process. As an alternative an adhesive bridge can be made which is fixed to the…

Implant Maintenance

Following the placement of an implant … … it is important to keep the surrounding area clean. Use a 45 degree angle as the standard brushing technique. Use plastic coated interdental brushes for safe effective plaque removal. Tightly floss approximal surfaces and implants. Ensure all surfaces are clean. Adapt floss/tape for teeth and gums.

Sinus Lift

Sinuses are cavities inside the structure of our skull. When we lose a tooth, the bone around the root area starts to recede. This can lead to the sinus expanding into the tooth root area. If you choose to have an Implant … … there may not be sufficient bone to support it. Special material…

Bone Changes After Extraction

As you see in video the bone shrinks after an extraction. This shrinkage can be prevented or minimized in many cases by Ridge preservation & right techniques at the time of extraction which saves the bone from shrinkage and makes placing an implant easier without grafting techniques.

Ridge Preservation

Once a tooth is lost, the bone and gum will begin to recede. If you later decide to have an Implant fitted it may mean that the Implant would sit too high or the Crown would sit too low without a bone graft. This can be prevented in many cases by Ridge preservation & right techniques…