Bonding a Broken Tooth

Bonding a Broken Tooth [SWF]https://www.angelsmile.co.uk/animations/138-bonding.swf, 300,225[/SWF] A broken tooth. A transparent tube is positioned … … into which composite material is applied. This is hardened using a bright light … … and is shaped as necessary.

Fibre Post with net

[SWF]https://www.angelsmile.co.uk/animations/288-fibre-post-with-net.swf, 300,225[/SWF] A large tooth may need to be root-treated and crowned. If there is insufficient tooth left to secure the crown … … the root canals can be filled with fibre bridge material. This is hardened with a bright light … … then placed back in position. The other root canals are filled in…

Standard Taper

[SWF]https://www.angelsmile.co.uk/animations/317-standard-taper.swf, 300,225[/SWF] Sometimes a tooth needs a root treatment. This requires the exposure of the root system of the tooth … … then the removal of the nerves and material within the root. A special material is now available … … which is placed into the tooth roots. The material hardens and is then trimmed….