Deposit & Cancellation policy

Dear Client
It is the aim of our team to provide quality dental care to you and our other clients on schedule and to use clinical time effectively. Please kindly help us in this matter. A deposit payment is required to secure your booking and we will look forward to see you in this time. We understand that unplanned issues can come up and you may need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we ask that you kindly notify us giving at least 24 hours notice for 30 Min appointments and 48 hours for any appointment over 30 Minutes, so that another patient may be offered this appointment. There will not be a cancellation charge in this circumstance. Cancellations should be made by email to: or  telephone on: 02078376965 or 02078373938.
We regret that there will be a fee chargeable for missed, cancelled or rescheduled appointments within 24 hours notice (48 hours for appointments over 30 Min). This is a minimum, which covers part of the cost of a modern clinic made ready, reserved and waiting for you. The fee is based on the length of the appointment and currently is £45 for 30 Minutes. Refund of any deposit out of 48 hours notice is per cheque and subject to 5% (Minimum of £5) administration and bank charges .

As a courtesy we regularly confirm appointments by an automated reminder text, the day before scheduled appointments, however if you do not receive this text , it does not mean that we are not waiting for you on your scheduled appointment.
It is our aim to telephone or write to you after a missed appointment to understand the reason for non-attendance. Any complaint about missed or cancelled appointment decisions should be made in writing to Dr Amenien.
We do our best and also look forward to see you all on time and appreciate your helps in regards to his matter..

Yours Sincerely
The team at Angel Smile & Orthodontics