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Referring dentists or self-referrals:

  1. CEREC Same-day Crown by restorative and implant dentist Dr Amin Amenien
  2. Orthodontic treatments including Invisalign, lingual braces and Myobrace by our specialist orthodontist Dr Fariba Banaie
  3. Computer-guided implant surgery and Sinus lifting by Implant dentist Dr Amin Amenien
  4. Wisdom tooth extractions by our specialist oral surgeon Dr Arash Shahrak
  5. Smile design and Smile makeover, Ceramic veneers by our Prosthodontists Dr Ali Heshmati, Dr Anna Tatari
  6. Full mouth rehabilitation, comprehensive restorative cases by our prosthodontists Dr Ali Heshmati, Dr Anna Tatari
  7. Bite issues, reconstruction of collapsed bite, and chewing organ by our prosthodontists Dr Ali Heshmati, Dr Anna Tatari
  8. Root canal treatment under Microscope magnification by our Endodontist Dr Denis Aydan
  9. LASER-assisted gum treatment by Dr Ali Heshmati
  10. Advanced gum treatments, Guided biofilm therapy,  by our Hygieneist  Ms Sophia Luizu

If you are a Dentist who wishes to refer a patient to us please kindly send us an email or fill in the form below:

How do refer a patient to us? 

1) Please click and download the dentist referral form.
2) Please complete the information and email it to:

3) Kindly CC your patient by email and ask them to contact us in the unlikely case they wouldn’t hear from us within 48 hours.

Many thanks for the opportunity to serve your patients.